Not only does one drink champagne, but one inhales it, one looks at it, one swallows it …And one drinks it
Edward VII
and NOW one saves the cork to remember all those beautiful memories.
Meet the Champagne Cork Keeper!

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Client Review

Colleen Meireles@michellemeireles
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This gift was truly amazing for someone who literally has everything. He was blown away by it as he has been looking for something to hold his corks and a bowl was his best option 😉 Very thoughtful gift and one he will always remember who gave it to him. Brilliant service too with such short notice and it looks amazing in the bar! Thank you soo much !

keep calm and drink champagne

The perfect memory or keepsake box. Preserve the pop with these charming boxes—designed to keep your celebrative corks on display once the bottle has been emptied.

"In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening."

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A glass of champagne is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, be it to ring in the new year or to toast a promotion at work. Just the act of popping open the bottle feels festive!


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This elegantly cork keeper makes a thoughtful gift for any champagne loving person! Made from natural wood, a hole is a drilled at the top to accommodate standard corks. An opening at the top to accommodate standard corks, so you can fill it up time and time again! 


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